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Mr. Nadir Ali Khosa
Senior Advisor NEPRA
Guest Of Honour

I feel that an exhibition like POGEE will have profound impact on the power industry of Pakistan and will enhance the level of awareness among the industry professionals. Exhibitions like POGEE are very useful platform for power sector of the country where people can make themselves aware of the latest technologies being used in the world. I feel such exhibitions also improve the image of Pakistan. Moreover, many units suffer losses due to lack of technical knowledge and the use of improper equipment; such losses can be averted by spreading technological awareness and an exhibition like POGEE is doing it.

Mr. Rui Da Silva
Sales Manager

Sergi FRANCE (Fire protections for Power Transformers

We attend POGEE every year as we understand this is the only place which brings together the key people in Energy Sector of Pakistan. We are really happy with POGEE as it is here that we get access to major power projects being announced by the government which are our main target of the business.  On the opening day, a valuable customer was so much absorbed in evaluating our products that the discussions lasted even an hour after the exhibition closing time and we left only when the security requested us to.

Mr. Terry
Sales Manager

Ningbo Ulica Solar, China

We have attended POGEE earlier as well and we are so satisfied with this exhibition that we would definitely like to be here again next year. POGEE is a very good place to access Pakistan’s energy sector in a convenient way.  

Mr. Usman Awan
Managing Director

Razia Saeed Energy (Head Office in Multan)
Solarteco China  

Response is very nice. It is amazing.  We are very happy with POGEE. In fact, I would term it a blessing for our products and the business and I would recommend that such events must continue in the country.

Ms. Meifang Zhang
Export Manager

MCA Battery Manufacturing


We are attending POGEE for the first time and we found it very satisfying. We have been very busy throughout the day, entertaining lot of enquiries about our products. A very good exhibition!  

Mr. Samuel Sun

International Sales Manager

Beijing EPSOLAR Technology Co., Ltd.


Exhibition is very good and well organized. The response from the visitors is encouraging and we found POGEE a satisfying event for our products.  

Mr. Haris Omer

Business Development Head

Fast Tubewell, Lahore


POGEE is a great forum to exhibit the products and services for energy sector, especially for our company as we are at the growing stage and our name is not well known in the Energy sector. As such, POGEE have provided us with an excellent networking platform to develop useful business contacts and highlight our company and the products to the right people.
Ms. Fatima Bilal

Deputy Chief Marketing Officer

Pakistan Railways

POGEE is a good platform to highlight the services offered by Pakistan Railways to the energy sector, and also to spread the awareness among industry professionals.    

Mr. Shahab Qader

General Manager Commercial

Sindh Engro Coal Mining Company


POGEE offered a good level of engagement among the participants and I found it to be a forum eneficial to the power sector. What pleased me more with the exhibition is that technically well directed questions were asked, which showed that the visitors are industry professionals and they are here with serious approach and commitment. My experience with POGEE is very pleasing,  

Mr. Shahab Raza Raja

Advance Electronics International

By exhibiting in POGEE we get new clients, market exposure and the feedback from our regular customers. We not only develop new business but also learn about the latest market trends, technical requirements of the customers and the ideas for product development and marketing. We are very satisfied with POGEE.    

Mr. Mohammad Danish

HGC Pvt Ltd  

This exhibition is ‘outclass’. We found POGEE to be exactly the same as we heard about it from the energy sector.    

Engr. Mohsin Ghaffar

Sales Engineer

Insight Engineering

Gas, Diesel Generators  

POGEE proved very beneficial to our products and the business. A Lot of customers who visited our stall has invited us to visit them and submit formal proposals for their consideration. We are very glad with our decision to exhibit at POGEE.  

Mr. Tony Cheng
Overseas Marketing Manager

Dong Guan Kang Dei Wei Transformers Co., Ltd.


Our experience with POGEE has proved to be very good and satisfying. The visitors are professional and we have entertained serious queries regarding our products. We have already planned to attend POGEE next year as well.  

Mr. Noor Mohammad Soomro

Senior Manager Electrical

Fauji Cement Company Limited

My purpose of visiting POGEE was to see the latest trends and technologies in power generation in the world with particular reference to solar energy systems and it is amazing to see such a variety of power technologies, equipments and products brought together under one roof. POGEE is an impressive exhibition and is doing an excellent job in promoting the business opportunities and technological awareness for the local power industry.  

Mr. Mohammad Yameen

General Manager Procurement

Askari Cement

I visited the exhibition to see what products and new technologies are being offered for Cement Industry. I am happy that my visit proved fruitful and I held meetings with the owners and decision makers for the products we are interested in. I noticed new technologies and trends of interest to the Cement and Sugar Industries; particularly the Solar Power Systems and the utilization of industrial waste. In my opinion, POGEE is a very useful exhibition for Pakistani industries as they can find all what they require, under one roof.    

Mr. Muhammad Haris Akram

Siddiq Renewable Energy


We exhibited in POGEE to reach out to the customers and promote our products in Pakistani industries. We are very happy that POGEE proved as a very beneficial platform for achieving our objectives.

Mr. Jawad Raza
Representing ABB,

We have been regularly attending POGEE for last 3 years and we have found it very helpful to achieving our objectives in Pakistan. It is an excellent networking platform where we meet lot of customers and conveniently apprise them of latest developments and innovations in our field. We find it very helpful in satisfying the customers’ queries and use POGEE as a platform to hold practical demonstration of our products that we have to offer to the Pakistani market. Our business always gets a boost here and only last year we struck business deals to the tune of 10 to 15 million US dollars at POGEE.


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